Club Statements

New Bermondsey

New Bermondsey

Millwall Football Club remains entirely committed to, and enthusiastic about, the New Bermondsey redevelopment and its place at the heart of the plans to change the landscape of the areas surrounding The Den, and the stadium itself, in the future. This page is the home of content relating to the proposed redevelopment, including various club statements, examples of media coverage, and contact information.

Club Statements

Millwall Football Club has continued to keep supporters updated with developments surrounding the New Bermondsey development scheme.

Thursday 13th February 2020: Millwall reveal plans for stadium redevelopment - click here

Thursday 6th February 2020: Millwall statement as conditional land sale agreement is terminated - click here

Thursday 10th October 2019: Millwall welcome Council announcement - click here

Friday 26th July 2019: Lions endorse comments made by Lewisham Council and Renewal - click here

Thursday 17th May 2018: Millwall respond to Egan's request for a meeting - click here

Thursday 17th May 2018: Kavanagh writes to by-election candidates - click here

Friday 4th May 2018: Millwall chairman writes open letter to new mayor of Lewisham - click here

Thursday 26th April 2018: Millwall chief executive Kavanagh writes to Lewisham mayoral candidates - click here

Friday 22nd December 2017: Millwall "disappointed and bemused" by fresh CPO information - click here

Tuesday 12th December 2017: Statement from John Berylson on Dyson Inquiry - click here

Friday 1st December 2017: Millwall issue response following Dyson Report release - click here

Tuesday 28th November 2017: Full Lord Dyson Report of New Bermondsey Inquiry - click here

Thursday 5th October 2017: Freedom of Information Hearing Tribunal Decision - click here

Tuesday 5th September 2017: Four of five mayoral candidates oppose CPOs against Millwall - click here

Monday 4th September 2017: Open letter from Millwall - click here

Monday 19th June 2017: Lions issue Freedom of Information Hearing statement - click here

Thursday 23rd February 2017: Millwall publish Kavanagh letter - click here

Friday 3rd February 2017: Lions concern as Council fail to clarify CPO position - click here

Wednesday 25th January 2017: Millwall welcome CPO announcements - click here

Tuesday 10th January 2017: Lions confirm Council meeting adjournment - click here

Thursday 15th December 2016: Millwall statement after Council Cabinet adjournment - click here

Saturday 10th December 2016: Berylson provides New Bermondsey update during AGM - click here

Thursday 29th September 2016: Millwall comment on CPO delay - click here

Friday 2nd September 2016: Chairman speaks as Cabinet prepares to make CPO decision - click here

Friday 18th March 2016: Millwall chairman provides regeneration update - click here

Thursday 18th February 2016: Chief executive pays tribute to the 'football family' - click here

Friday 12th February 2016: Berylson pens letter to Lewisham Councillors - click here

Thursday 1st May 2014: Club receives formal response from Lewisham Council - click here

Monday 17th February 2014: Chairman surprised by Renewal statement - click here

Monday 3rd February 2014: Berylson reiterates determination to build for Millwall's long-term future - click here